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Seasonal Items

While many offerings at Twin Oak Farms stay the same throughout the year others change with the seasons.

Throughout the year Twin Oak Farms has Local Milk, Ice Cream, Cheese, Local Meats, Honey, Syrup, and much more available. A signature product of Twin Oak Farms is our delicious Country Style Canned Goods, such as Jams. Relishes, Pickles, and more just like Grand Mom used to make made right on the farm. They truly are “Comfort in a Jar.”   

 Twin Oak Farms has Fruits and Vegetables available throughout the year from the changing seasons. When Twin Oak Farms opens in the Spring vegetables such as Asparagus and Broccoli are available. During the warmup of May into June, these vegetables start to give way to delicious local Strawberries, and other early vegetables. During late June and into July many vegetables and fruits start to become available. Local Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peaches, and Sweet Corn are available throughout the Summer. During late August and into the Fall, Peaches give way to Apples, leading us to the cooler Fall months. Fall brings us such vegetables as Sweet Potatoes, Winter Squash, Broccoli, and Cauliflower.

During Late Fall and into December look for our selection of Christmas goodies such as Candies, Baked Goods, and other holiday favorites.