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Local Honey and Syrup

Twin Oak Farms has many diverse types of products, all with one theme, “Local.” To the extent possible, we source our products locally, including our own farm as well as other local farms. When a product is not available locally, we try to use products from the Mid-Atlantic Region of our surrounding states.

Our main category of products is our Fresh Seasonal Produce. Our Produce selections change as the seasons change. From Asparagus in the early Spring to the Delicious Fruits and Vegetables, such as Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Peaches, and much more during the Summer to Apples and Sweet Potatoes in the Fall. We have a varied selection of produce available for our customers.

A signature product of Twin Oak Farms is our Delicious, Value-Added Canned Goods made right at the farm. These “Value-Added” Products are mostly made from the same Fruits and Vegetables that our customers buy in our market. The Canned Goods such as Sweet Pepper Relish, Pickles, Jams, and more are sold in the Twin Oak Farms Market, as well as throughout the United States online. These Canned Goods truly are “Comfort in a Jar” just like Grand Mom used to make.

Over time, our product line has expanded to now include Local meats, Local Milk, Ice Cream, and Other Dairy Products, as well as our freshly prepared Baked Goods such as Fruit Bread, Pies, and more. Our local Honey and Maple Syrup are a big hit with all our customers as are our Specialty Sea Salts and Spices, which go great with all our other food products. Loved by Locals and Visitors alike is our Fishers Popcorn. This Delicious World-Famous Popcorn is made locally in Ocean City, MD. While you’re here, try our locally made Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions. These products are made right on the farm, where the goats are milked. As a result of the recent Pandemic, and at the request of our customers, we created a “Popup Shelf.” This shelf includes many convenience items and necessities such as paper products, hand sanitizer, bread, and much more that you may need.